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Soda Ash Light

Physical state: White powder Na2CO3: > 99.0 % Na2SO4: < 0.035 % Packaging: Bag @ 25kg

Sodium Hypochlorite

Appearance: Greenish-yellow liquid Odour: Faintly chlorinous Solubility (Water): Miscible Specific gravity (Water = 1): 1.26 approx Packaging: Liquid Foam

Sodium Metalbisulphite

Appearance: White crystals or powder with a pungent sulfur dioxide odour. The material slowly releases sulfur dioxide at ambient temperatures. Acts as a reducing agent. Freely soluble in water, glycerol and slightly soluble in alcohol. pH (5% Solution): 3.5 – 5.0 Specific gravity (Water = 1): 1.40 (20°C) Packaging: Bag @ 25kg

Trisodium Phosphate

Appearance: White odourless crystalline solid pH Value: Strongly alkaline (11.5 – 12.5) Density (g/cm3): 1.62 ± 0.05 Packaging: Bag @ 25kg

Turboperse FA27

Appearance: White, odourless granular solid pH : 6-8 @ 5g/l Packaging: Bag @ 25kg

Urea 46%

Appearance: White crystals, granules, prill or powder Odour: Odourless or with a slight ammonia odour Solubility: Soluble in water; almost insoluble in chloroform, ether; soluble in concentrated hydrochloric acid Relative density (Water = 1): 1.33 @ 20C/4C Packaging: Bag @ 50kg

Vacuum Salt

Appearance: Colorless or white solid Odour: Odourless pH: Not available Solubility: Soluble Specific Gravity/ Density (Water = 1): 2.165 Packaging: Bag @ 25kg