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About Us

EXOTIC CHEMICALS SDN. BHD.   markets specialty chemicals particularly for industrial water treatment and plant processes. We are committed towards achieving and maintaining customer satisfaction through quality products, excellent and prompt delivery services. On top of that, we also enjoys a very decided advantage in industrial water treatment market as it combines higher quality products with lower unit costs due to lower overhead. The giants of the industry experience large and ever increasing operating costs due to their size and overburden of labour management, etc. which makes it very difficult for them to compete cost wise with smaller and more efficient companies.

EXOTIC CHEMICALS SDN. BHD.   has therefore, chosen to remain an efficient company at the expense of a large turnover. With that, Exotic Chemicals is able to consistently provide quality products and services to all our customers ; many of who are financially strong and responsible corporations who demand and appreciate quality products and services. We are committed towards achieving and maintaining customer satisfaction.