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Exotic General Sanitizer

Appearance: Colourless liquid with slightly alcoholic odour Warning: Consist of Isopropyl Alcohol

Ferric Chloride 38-40%

Appearance: Dark brown liquid with mild odour Solubility: Very soluble in water Specific gravity (Water = 1): ≥ 1.39 Packaging:

Floor cleaner

Designed for cleaning floors, walls, and mosaic stains.

Hydrated Lime

Appearance: Odorless divided solid Relative density (Water = 1): 2.2 – 2.3 Packaging: Bag @ 25 kg

Hydrochloric Acid 33%

Appearance: Colourless to yellow, clear acidic liquid with characteristic odour; mixes with water Physical properties: Liquid; mixes with water; corrosive;

Hydrogen Peroxide 50%

Appearance: Clear, colourless, odourless, water-like liquid. Oxidising agent. Hydrogen peroxide is a transient material (requires stabilization). Miscible in water, soluble

Iron Suphate Liquid

Appearance: Orange Brown Liquid Specific Gravity/ Density (Water = 1): 1.30 + 0.02 Insoluble w/w, % : < 0.1 Solubility:

Liquid Alum

Appearance: Odourless liquid, very soluble in water Specific Gravity (Water = 1): 1.3 @ 30°C Packaging: Tanker load

Mono Ammonium Phosphate

Appearance: White crystals or granules, with faint acid odour pH Value (1% solution): 4.2 approx Density (g/cm3): 1.80 ± 0.05

Mono Potassium Phosphate

Appearance: White crystals or granules, with faint acid odour Solubility (%): 20 approx. soluble in water pH Value (1% solution):

Nitric Acid 68%

Appearance: Colourless to light brown corrosive acidic liquid with a characteristic suffocating odour; mixes with water Specific gravity (Water =

Phosphoric Acid 85%

Appearance: Clear colourless odourless syrupy liquid with acid reaction; mixes with water Relative density (Water = 1): 1.58 @ 75%